Have you ever been denied for a business cash advancel loan? It is a fact that monetary finance firms, like banking institutions, turn down a large credit worthy enterprise yearly. In North America only 36 % is accredited for loan appoval. It is also recognized that businesses wouldn't run as easily without mone at hand. In todays fast paced world, money is king! Even with a wealthy hard asset based business, banks can name your firm a sub-prime customer. Banks looks at the liquidity balance in a business. Companies that have below par liquidity are often rejected for a credit program. The only way for sub-prime borrowers to answer this crisis is by utilizing non-bank loan alternatives. Can a credit line with low credit score still avail of a much needed credit line loan? The answer is why not?! It's true that nearly all financial institutions, credit unions and institutional funders are simply endorsing companies with 700 plus FICO rate , there are independent loan brokers who can assist "C" and "D" borrowers. Considering the large amount of privately used lenders in the industry, there are a great deal of these autonomous economical firms offering small credit line financial loans despite a poor credit status. Commercial financial products can be used for factoring, purchase order financing , dollars advance, and unsecured revolving fund. Commercial quick loans can come in two forms: collateralized or no equity loans. Collateralized borrowing options is pledged with a security which could be a dwelling, or a commercial property. Unsecured financial products are without security, which the lender would not require any pledge. Unsecured debts are usually affixed with a above market interest rates, with a rigorous repayment stipulations.